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Use our asset tracking solution to overcome your business challenges.

Simply log into our secure user-friendly Enterprise-grade web portal with your desktop, smart phone or tablet. Now you have access to our custom dashboard that displays the details of your assets location history, alarm history, and critical data such as temperature, motion, run time, battery life, door open/close, light sensing, and many other metrics.

Some stats

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 11,625 equipment thefts were reported to the National Crime Information Center. The chart below only shows the top 5 states which account for 41% of the total reported thefts in 2014. In addition to these states, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana are among the top 10 states where heavy equipment was reported stolen.

Rank State Thefts
1 Texas 1650
2 North Carolina 918
3 Florida 915
4 South Carolina 660
5 Georgia 647

Types of equipment stolen

Type Percent Quantity
Tractor (wheeled or tracked) 12% 1475
Excavator 3% 343
Fork Lift 2% 301
Generator compressor welder 2% 224
Bulldozer 1% 121
Light Tower 0.5% 64
Brush Chipper 0.5% 68
Loaders 17% 1097
Mower (riding or garden tractor) 43% 5051
All others 17% 2057


As the name implies, this chart displays the majority of the equipment types stolen in 2014. The fact that mowers are such a huge category only reduces the other categories, but all heavy equipment in general is liable to get stolen based on asset value and mobility. The easier it is to move and the more valuable and versatile the tool is the more likely it is to get stolen. Our equipment can not only track your equipment to make sure it is safe, but if it does get stolen our covert tracker will allow you to recover your heavy equipment.

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Our hardware, software, and data solutions allow you to know where your assets are at all times, saving you time tracking them down, money from them not being in use, and the headaches from assets in limbo or not working properly .

Designed as a turnkey tracking solution our hardware, web portal, and data connection is a tightly integrated system that will work for you, monitoring your assets 24/7.

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Choose from a variety of smart sensors and monitor critical asset data from our Enterprise grade web portal. Your device will even send notifications via text or email when sensors are triggered.


A powerful accelerometer is included on our equipment to track motion. Our portal translates this sensor’s activity into speed, motion, and direction for robust data analytics.


Get detailed reports on your assets’ runtime so you know how long they are working for. Be more productive and reduce idle time. Bill correctly, knowing how long your equipment is operating.


Ensure your assets are running at the correct temperatures. We provide an external temperature probe, or integrate one directly into the tracker depending on your needs and requirements.

Fill Level

Monitor fill levels and ensure that your assets are running at their best. Whether it is a bilge pump or a silo full of grain, our sensors will always alert you when the fill levels aren’t where they should be.


Get alerts if your asset is light sensitive and has been exposed to light. Our light sensors are perfect for package tracking to report any package that has been opened and exposed to light.


Our integrated tamper sensor can monitor any attempts to tamper with your assets. Instantly receive a notification to allow you act on the situation immediately.

Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness

Hardwire your device to a power supply and trickle charge the rechargeable battery from any external power source.

Magnet Mt

Magnet Mount

Our industrial strength magnets have 100 lbs. of pull force. They are designed to ensure your Tracker will stay on your assets even under the most rugged conditions.


Using our proprietary BLE Bluetooth smart sensors you can monitor ANYTHING! Simply pair our BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Sensor with our IT6-RW Tracker/Gateway and monitor temperature, run time, motion, proximity, and other matrix needed.


Our IT6-R TrackerBattery life is critical for long deployments and data rich reporting. When configured for 4 reports per day, the IT6-R Tracker will last over 6 months on a single charge. Only 6 hours to fully charge your tracker which will generate 2000 pings over the period of 546 days.


We develop and manufacture our entire tracking system here in South Florida. We can customize anything from the color and shape of the tracker to private labeling the entire system. Ask about our lucrative reseller and distributor programs!


Receive unlimited text and email notifications, unlimited pings, unlimited data, and unlimited support with one price for all. We have no hidden fees or overage charges. When you are looking for quality and value, our products and service can’t be beat!

IT6-R Features and Specs

  • Dimensions & Weight: 3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″ – 4.8 oz.
  • Power: 6 month rechargeable battery at 4 pings/day
  • Charging: Mini USB (Included)
  • Communication: CDMA-1xRTT; GSM 2G and 3G
  • Conformity: FCC part 15; Network Certified
  • Positioning: Standalone and Assisted GPS; Accurate to 3 meters
  • Protection: IP67 (weather proof and dust resistant)
  • Features: Motion & tamper sensors; mini usb charging port
  • Accessories: Wiring harness and magnet mount
  • Options: Temperature, runtime, light, humidity, water intrusion, etc.
  • Production: Made in the USA

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Enterprise-grade Web Portal

Track your assets from anywhere in the world using our secure enterprise grade web portal! Simply login to your desktop, smart phone, or tablet.

Our user friendly web portal displays detailed location history, alarm history, and critial data such as temperature, motion, run time, battery life, door open/close, light sensing, and many other metrics. 

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Maximum days per charge


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Custom Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Our engineers are standing by to work with you on integrating our tracking and smart monitoring technology into your product. Whether you prefer one of our longer life battery units for larger assets (such as trailers, containers, fuel tankers or heavy equipment),  or  you prefer to be discrete using one of our compact sized, rechargeable battery units for smaller, high value assets (such as jewelry or medical supplies), InventureTrack will work with you to build an integrated solution for your application.  

Equipment Customization

Our manufacturing and research facility is ISO 9001 compliant. This allows our complete control of product development which enables our highly skilled team to create a perfect product solution for you needs. Our team can customize the color; shape, size, and even private label your Enterprise grade web portal. You determine which features are best suited for optimizing your business, and we’ll do the rest. Integration with existing back-office applications and databases (Oracle, IBM, and SAP) is one of the many things we are highly proficient in. This dramatically reduces development costs, risk, and time using the InventureTrack HW and SW platform.

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